Original Thoughts

There is a colonel sobbing inside his tank. “The war is over! The war is over!” he cried. “There is nothing left to do!” (Couch Face: the Closet-Case Heterosexual).
So.That would be better- if we could just have two Generals duke it out in one Ultimate Fighting Arena and that would end the war, but that wouldn’t work. We’d just say, “Hey, no fair!” and send in the rest [of us] to physically overpower the other entire country. . We would. Duh.

We could use robots, too, but after the last robot is broken, we’d be down to humans as our last defense and then it’s robots vs. humans, and people would still die there. .

We could hold a Debating club, you think? but that wouldn’t solve the entire problem even if we did agree on a few things, because the sore loser would still want to physically overpower the other. They would!

Listen: war is the only thing we can do in some instances.
At the very least, we can do what Martin Luther King did and hold a peaceful protest, and if the oppressor mows us all down with tanks or machine gunnery, the people of the country would protest in horror and overthrow the Powers that Be-; but even that might not work, as some rulers are so cold, they  won’t even care. Do you think you could win a peaceful protest against North Korea? I tell you, no.  I wish, though.

No, war’s the only thing we can do. The Bomb is sometimes our best defense. Hopefully, we’ll be so scared, none of us will be stupid enough to fight!!

Diplomacy doesn’t work every time, but any chance we get, we should use it. To prevent war. To allow for the least likely amounts of it. But there’s always that stubborn mule that won’t listen. Give ‘im a kick!

Oddly, we’ve had a lot less wars ever since Hiroshima. Now, we’re in limited war.

It’s scary. Oh, yes it is. It’s a lot scarier. There’s a general fear!

But sometimes- fear is protection. No, I don’t like it. I’d much prefer that we were a little- kinder.

Hey: Nuclear weapons have saved more lives than they’ve killed, son! They should get the noble peace prize. O hated Preventers of war.

I hate to say it but I said it. Should I be hating myself now? I should (Couch Face: the Closet-Case Heterosexual).


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