Original Thoughts

The smartest genius that ever lived was a savant, and she was locked in the cupboard. Yes, she was.

After the government found her, a drooling dribbling idiot apparently, they locked her parents away and shattered her shackles, but not a minute after they were to relocate her to the proper home, they found, through a stroke of dumb suggestion, “Hey, let’s give her an IQ test,”

-that she could process faster than the nearest supercomputer- an IQ dedicated solely to the powers of instant memorization, numbers, and reorganization.

They cleared out the home she was locked in out of curiosity, and a little siege, and found that out of the ratty remainders she had erected a pillar of intellect not since beat since God. .

This was when they first learned she was a blessing. .

Now, she had discovered well before we did that the sun was to explode, and she was the only one with the idea to save us. “Spudtt. Spuddert-tuh. Spudtt!” and turned a potato and its simple electricity into a portal to a new world in which to transfer all humanity.

Simply because we asked her to.

“It was only nice,” she said in the few words she knew. And clapped and clapped and clapped (Couch Face: the Closet-Case Heterosexual).

No, this isn’t true. This is fiction.


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