Top 30 Fantasy Books

If you want to know where to start in Fantasy literature, it being a very broad category, here’s some definite good books to start; I’ve looked through hundreds of them. These are the best.

1. PETER PAN Peter and Wendy / Kensington Gardens (J.M. Barrie)

2. The Last Unicorn (Peter S Beagle)

3. The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton Juster)

4. The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure (William Goldman)

5. finding waldo (by Q-burt)

6. Slaughter-House 5 (Kurt Vonnegut)

7. The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)

8. The Harry Potter (Trilogy) (J.K. Rowling) <The First Three:: 1) Sorcerer’s Stone; 2) Chamber of Secrets; 3) Prisoner of Azkhaban>

9. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass (Lewis Carroll)

10. 100 of Bradbury’s Most Celebrated Tales (Ray Bradbury) The Ones I Like: <The Whole Town’s Sleeping; The Rocket; Season of Disbelief; And the Rock Cried Out; The Flying Machine; Heavy-Set; February 1999: Ylla; The Dwarf;  The Wind; No News, or What Killed The Dog?; A Little Journey; Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby’s is a Friend of Mine; The Garbage Collector; The Man; The Beautiful Shave; 2004-05: The Naming of Names; Hopscotch; The Illustrated Man; A Blade of Grass; The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl; The Dragon; Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned; The Pedestrian; The Sea Shell; April 2005: Usher II; The Trolley; The Smile; Icarus Montgolfier Wright; The Stories of Ray Bradbury (Ray Bradbury) The Ones I Like: The Lake; There Will Come Soft Rains; The Silent Towns; The Fox and the Forest; No Particular Night or Morning; The City; The Last Night of the World; The Long Rain; A Sound of Thunder; Invisible Boy; The Fog Horn; Embroidery; The Golden Apples of the Sun; The Playground; Skeleton; The Small Assassin; All Summer in a Day; The One Who Waits; The Aqueduct; Gotcha!; Frost and Fire: A Novellette>

11. THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: *The Voyage of the Dawn Treader / The Magician’s Nephew / The Silver Chair (C.S. Lewis)

12. The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) (Roald Dahl) / The Witches (Roald Dahl)

13. The Little Prince (Antoine De Saint-Exupery) <Large Print>

14. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)

15. Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)

16. The Colour of Magic & The Light Fantastic (Terry Pratchett)

17. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger (Stephen King)

18. The Illustrated Wee Free Men (Terry Pratchett)

19. Starship Troopers (Robert A. Heinlein)

20. The Stars My Destination (Alfred Bester)

21. Reaper Man (Terry Pratchett)

Oops, it wasn’t the top 30, was it? but the top 21. It’s a good list anyways. Try ’em!


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