Original Thought

Now, for a public service announcement.

Currently, we at W.E.T. White Entertainment Television for White Peoples are discussing who is the most persecuted race. The Jew says, “I’m the most persecuted race.” The African says, “No, I’m the most persecuted race.” The Black Jew says, “I win, I think. I’m the most persecuted. I deserve fudge!” Sonny Blue, what’s your opinion?

“You’re really proud of being whipped, hanged, burned, and gassed aren’t you?”

“Don’t forget it. If you do, I’ll remind you.”

The cow says, “Moo,” meaning, ‘Well, they make hamburger out of me- does that count?” And I’m a woman. *Eh-hem* went the anchorman. Onto other topics of conversation, “Andrew, tell me again why–”

“I’m black,” said the cow.

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am! I’m black with white-  it’s the same thing with a zebra.”

“What happened to the white side?”

“I like to think that side never happened. Someone give me a milkshake. I hate to make my own in the sight of camcorders.”

“Someone get this cow a milkshake!” said the anchorman.

“-Hey, don’t call me a ‘cow’~!”=

Cow was a race on planet Spud.

So was goat. And chicken. And octopus. And manta-ray. And blackbird. And Pikachu.

“Sheeut*,” said the anchorman.

* shit.

The heifer dropped a big one (Couch Face: the Closet-Case Heterosexual).




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