Anything Went

In the beginning à

Stories weren’t all so dull.

They were short, well-paced, and had pictures. This made all the young kids say, “Yay.”

Now they’re long, complex, and annoying. Nothing pops out to punch you.

It’s all old lovers stuck in office suits sitting down to lunch in houses, or college dorm students way up high on balconies lighting matches and slurping up a cold plate of spaghetti.

As that old poem used to say, though it might’ve been a prophecy, “Good authors too who once knew better words / now only use four-letter words / when writing prose,” now it’s down to two-letter farce. “..Anything goes.”

..this is a book about a longing for an age when things were simpler, and in a way, holily avowed*.

* There’s an adult word for you, so mature us adults never use it

(Couch Face: the Closet-Case Heterosexual).



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