Original Thought

Watch the mountains, the lake–the clean world.

It rains.

It all comes to a thought, the water rushing down the edges of its letters: Feminism.

Feminism and youthful rebellion are usually characterized by a woman in a red dress dancing old-fashioned dances in the rain. Dancing naked in the rain?–it’s not as fun as it seems; and it’s always about feminism.. in red dresses. Quite an overrated activity.

This good ole feminist bitching will be characterized by a woman who dearly loved cigars and had a fetish for things that vroomed, voomed and boomed; and especially mowers, vacuums and riding the cock-  and this was why her house was so clean, and anything else she particularly felt like cleaning. Her husband, her husband’s hair, the floor, the yard. .

On another note, and you’ll know why this is important in a moment, Bill Cosby dances like a white man. A very funny white man, yes.

Wife danced just like Bill Cosby, so her feminism and youthful rebellion was never classified by the feminist movement as anything worth yucking over. She also looked better in blue than in red (Couch Face).


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