Original Thought

A ghost and a monster joined them. They were rubbing their tired eyes, and looking blearily through the dark. The ghost yawned, and said to the monster, “I already told you there are no such things as scientists! Now go to sleep.”

They didn’t believe they existed.

“Scientists exist!” cried Q-burt. “They’re the proliferators of Truth!”

“You err on the side of righteousness,” the demon told me.

“You don’t exist. You’re a demon,” I told him.

“I believe I exist,” said the demon.

“In a book, you do!”

“I believe God exists.”

“In a book you do!”

“I’m a believer,” said that devil. “Oh, but I am! Just like a demon is a believer in god, I am- helplessly so- at the inexorable proof*.” Satan is a believer too. Um. * existence. The cosmos. (Couch Face).

Said the postal worker, “Dude, there’s no such things as ghosts.”

Said the ghost, “Yeah. Don’t be so superstitious.”


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