Original Thought

Anyways. After wishing herself out of death and possible poverty, and into the eventual arms of her lover- that’s three wishes. Kiss talked to herself in the mirror. “I just wish –”

“That’s wishful thinking,” said her reflection in the mirror, who happened to be her twin sister.

“And that’s a squirrel. Maybe I’ll nitpick your next thought, see how you feel about it!”

I wish I could erase all the moments I didn’t like. I’m wishing for callused hands, wishing for quick adulthood and to rid myself of this baby face. . .I wish I could feel your throat, twin sister!  I wish I was a wishing well. To have all I wanted.

I wish, for the moment, to pretend. .

. . to be the look of a man who can die at anytime, and still be happy. .

Concerning the well-spent life. . Truly, this must’ve been the look Jesus had when he died.

I wish I was a bullet, so I could fly all day. -And prayed (Couch Face).


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