Books by Q-burt

books written by Q-burt:

finding waldo (Q-burt) , buy on Amazon Kindle

Couch Face: the Closet-Case Heterosexual, Vol. 1-6 (Q-burt) / Selected Stories of Couch Face, EXPANDED (Q-burt)- not yet published, but it’s finished, or I probably wouldn’t be telling you about it

The Secret Life of Homeschoolerz (Q-burt)- not yet published

Final Farce: the Last Roman Numeral (by Q-burt)- not yet published

High Five Fantasy Kollection, Excellent Work, Great Job!!!! (by Q-burt)- not yet published

Moons of Galileo: Letters from a Robot (Q-burt & Kwestor)- not yet published

ULTIMATES: Super Protectors and Offenders of Spud (Q-burt)- in progress, and it’s not finished, but I’m working on that.